3 techniques for running remote workshops

To keep the team motivated and aligned to the session deliverables, facilitation of the workshops can be supported by the likes of Creative Huddle, but if you are running the workshop internally then here are some tips to support the process:

Shorten the Session Icon

Shorten the Session.

Remote workshops and brainstorming sessions are more energy-consuming than in person.The focus will deplete more quickly, and people will disengage earlier than usual. Running a remote session for more than 3 or 4 hours is very challenging, so it is worth considering splitting the session into multiple segments over several days. Encourage the groups to generate ideas asynchronously to reduce time when the team comes together. Thus ensuring optimal levels of attention during the session, and team members can recommence their regular responsibilities after the meeting.

Thoroughly test the tool Blue

Thoroughly test the tool.

All tools need to be tested well in advance. It needs to be seamless in order to run a successful remote session.

Get to Grips with the platform Blue

Get to grips with the platform.

Run through your exercises to de-bug the logistics. Ensure participants have clear instructions by trying them out yourself.

Partnered with great planning and effective tools, these key techniques will help to deliver the best outcomes from your remote workshops. 

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