How retail & hospitality giants maintain their estates with WorkSavi

Managing a multitude of projects across an estate is no mean feat – it takes exceptional organisational skills, pinpoint accuracy in planning and forecasting and an incredible ability to pivot quickly when delivery is at risk.

With so many moving parts, you need a robust system that will help you maintain full control and deliver projects at scale whilst remaining compliant across your estate, and that’s where we can help.

Redefining project and estate management in retail and hospitality

WorkSavi is redefining single-platform project management on a global scale. 

Our mission is to enable smarter working with the most agile and intuitive SaaS Project Portfolio Management platform on the market.

This means we make it possible for you to track, monitor, manage and control a multitude of projects in one system, giving you complete control across business functions and all project activity, including: 

  • Timelines and delivery plans 
  • Resource and budget allocation
  • Risk, HSEQ and governance
  • Maintenance & compliance
  • Visibility of all historical activity, current and future planned at each location

You will also have access to unique trackers that will help you to: 

Increase visibility and transparency: Our unique trackers will help you gain insights into all projects across every business function, ensuring everything is fully coordinated. 

Identify potential issues: You will have the ability to spot issues, emerging trends, and opportunities as each project progresses, enabling your team to problem-solve proactively. 

Enhanced predictability: WorkSavi trackers learn from past projects to provide enhanced predictability to help your team streamline and improve delivery, resource allocation and project budgeting.

Improve estate management for physical locations 

If part of your responsibility lies in the management of property estates, our Property module will give you the ability to centralise all property details, files, and records effortlessly, ensuring you remain compliant and can successfully manage life-cycle costings appropriately.  

This means you can seamlessly handle: 

  • Lease and breaks management
  • Tenant relationships
  • Estate acquisitions
  • Estate/asset disposals
  • Asset tracking
  • Property repairs and maintenance
  • Property compliance, including inspection reminders
  • Health and safety requirements

Our Property module is incredibly helpful when you’re managing refurbishments or installations across your estate or rolling out new initiatives that need to be adhered to across your business. 

In addition to this, we can also support with estate-wide compliance heat mapping. This will enable you to track, manage, monitor and maintain compliance standards effortlessly, and set up notifications and reminders to ensure the right people deliver appropriate action at the right time. 

Benefit from lease and break management

Missing a lease expiry or break review date can be hugely costly for a business, particularly if they wanted to exit that location due to poor sales.  Missing a break or expiry could cost the business millions of pounds.

In some circumstances the landlord applies a bonus to break, so if the break is not triggered up at that point the tenant could benefit from a three month free rent, or similar.

Landlords won’t action these bonuses without your request, which means you could lose out on money owed or payment breaks if you do not follow up in an appropriate time frame. 

With our notification features, you can track important dates and set reminders in good time that will enable you to negotiate better rates and make savings when money is owed to you from bonuses. 

Keep teams connected with the right information 

For businesses that operate from a property portfolio, it’s essential that you have an estate database that holds appropriate and up-to-date information and documentation of your estate. With WorkSavi, you can store essential business information, including location and contact details, drawings, certification, registers, Fire H&S documents, asset records and warranties, etc. 

This makes it easy for you to track the latest information, status and compliance across your estate and ensure your entire team has access to the right paperwork when they need it. 

With our IFRS-16 module, we prepare the lease liabilities for the Finance teams and reports needed for their P&L responsibilities.

How WorkSavi can help retail and hospitality businesses

With WorkSavi, we make it possible for you to manage all projects and your entire estate on one system. 

We offer so much more than just task management. We deliver a truly agile project management tool that’s smart, intuitive and responsive to the evolving needs of your business. 

In fast-moving markets, we will help you remain competitive, deliver projects at scale and ensure the profitability of your business. If you want to elevate your operations with WorkSavi’s robust suite of tools and revolutionise how you manage your projects and property portfolio, contact us to book a demo.

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