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The smartest way to manage projects in multiple locations

We understand the complexities of managing your property portfolio. With multiple moving parts, including resource and supply change, delivery deadlines and budget control, it can quickly become overwhelming and difficult to control. Especially if you’re utilising several platforms to keep projects on track! 

Our Portfolio Plan has been designed to help you streamline delivery with easy platform integration that helps you manage and control every aspect of your estate management projects. 

You can build personal estate and asset databases, tailor workflows, and set up reminders for compliance and health and safety deadlines. 

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Dynamic project management trackers for better visibility

The WorkSavi Portfolio plan is perfect for property, project and programme managers, multifunctional teams and contractors. It’s intuitive, easy to use and has many dynamic features that will enhance your project management processes. 

One game-changing feature is our unique tracker functionality that transforms project visibility and transparency across every business function. 

Users can select any tasks from any project or workflow to view the progress status across selected projects, programmes and portfolios. You can also identify issues quickly and spot emerging trends, so you can intelligently adjust project delivery to avoid unnecessary downtime and costly errors. 

But what’s truly unique about the WorkSavi Tracker facility is its ability to learn and predict delivery for future projects to greatly improve processes, delivery and costings. 

Estate management made easy

If you’re managing project delivery over multiple locations, balancing budgets, forecasting resources and dealing with multiple supply chain partners, the Portfolio Plan is the perfect PM solution for you.  

The platform gives you complete asset control, along with the ability to create customised databases. The property portal allows you to view all historical and future planned projects across your estate and access important information, such as drawings, schedules, specifications and certificates quickly and easily. 

General property and estates management becomes much easier to manage and control too, as you can easily schedule updates and reminders for lease and break management, letting and licensing of property and land, IFRS 16, acquisitions and disposal logging, asset management, repairs and maintenance. 

You can even create audit forms for health and safety inspections, compliance and asset surveys. 

Work smarter, not harder with the Portfolio Plan from WorkSavi

With so many incredible features available at your fingertips, you can transform business efficiencies forever with WorkSavi. 

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Portfolio Plan features and benefits

From just £59 per month, as per Project +:

  • Project portfolio management
  • Manage capital projects across your property portfolio
  • Visibility of all project activity across your entire portfolio
  • Unique Trackers with process learning
  • Business Intelligence reporting
  • Forms – unlimited
  • Advanced resource management with role based allocations & resource calendar
  • Employee management
  • 2-way sync with MS Project / P6 / ASTA / Excel
  • Fully configurable Property and Estate Management
  • Your property & asset data in the format you want it
  • Lease and Break management
  • Compliance management with estate heatmap of risk
  • IFRS-16
  • Asset survey module & asset management
  • Specific site documents & photographs quickly accessible
  • Notifications of key events – eg. rent reviews / PPM / compliance inspections etc.
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Advanced project management features that keep projects moving

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So much more than just task management

Great for small and medium-sized businesses, architects and consultants, the Project platform lets you view activity across all projects to give you complete control of delivery.

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Flexible functionality bespoke to your business

Custom-built to the specific needs of your business, our Enterprise solution can be tailored to your exact requirements so you benefit from bespoke reposting, greater security and unlimited storage.

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Improve productivity with seamless integration

Easily import files and folders from your favourite services to share with your team. WorkSavi project management tools are designed to integrate with your existing business software, enabling you to instantly import information from Google Data Studio, OneDrive, Dropbox and other popular applications. If you are looking for project management software for UK businesses to make real productivity improvements, WorkSavi is the obvious choice.

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Portfolio Plan FAQs

  • What is portfolio management in project management?

    Portfolio management in project management (PPM) refers to the prioritisation and management of programmes and projects in line with the organisation’s strategic objectives. PPM bridges the gap between strategy and implementation with the key function of ensuring the right projects are being done at the right time to maximise the company's investment. With PPM tools such as WorkSavi you have complete visibility and control of all project activity across your existing property portfolio.  WorkSavi incorporates an integrated asset management component which facilitates better prioritisation of spend and benefits realised.  It also enhances forecasting, resource utilisation and real-time spend, with enhanced project coordination across all functions, such as business improvement, compliance, health and safety and maintenance. Furthermore, it offers added benefits of digital asset surveys, lease and break management, letting and licensing of property and land, IFRS 16, acquisitions and disposal logging.

  • What is the difference between PMO and PPM?

    PMO (Project Management Office) is a team within a business responsible for setting and maintaining project standards to ensure PM practices are set and followed. PPM (Portfolio Project Management) is the process of prioritising projects to deliver best value and maximum success by focusing on strategic projects that deliver high-impact work.

  • What is the difference between PM and PMO?

    A PM (Project Manager) manages specific project planning, execution, and delivery, handling tasks like scope definition and team coordination. PMO (Project Management Office) is a central entity overseeing an organisation's project management practices, providing standards, tools, and governance for consistent project execution. While a PM focuses on a single project, PMO aims to enhance project management organisation-wide.

  • How to make portfolio management easy?

    To simplify portfolio management, establish clear strategic goals and prioritise projects based on alignment, benefits and resource availability. Employ a central tool, like WorkSavi, to track tasks, data and project status, while regularly reviewing activity to ensure adjustments align with objectives.  With multiple projects on the go, it’s important to know your team is focusing on the right projects at the right time, are continuing to increase productivity and on-time delivery, while adding value, strengthening performance, and improving results. WorkSavi systematically reviews your project management processes, cutting out inefficiencies and automating those workflows and to ensure a consistent approach to all projects, programs, and portfolios while reducing costs.