Manage your estate in one platform rather than several systems and spreadsheets

If you’re trying to manage multiple properties across several systems and spreadsheets, project management can become incredibly difficult. 

Important deadlines can be missed, silos can form, and miscommunication can occur, which could impact team performance and project delivery overall. 

But it is possible to manage your estate on one platform and get full visibility of all projects across multiple locations, with powerful reporting directing you to actions that need attention most – giving total control and complete peace of mind. 

Estate management made easy 

Our Portfolio plan is designed to help businesses manage their estate with ease. 

Our estate management module gives you the ability to build property and asset databases to suit your requirements. Against a property you can have multiple leases and against leases you can have lease amortisation schedules, reporting lease liability for the estate in accordance with IFRS-16. You choose the structure you need.  

In addition, a property can have projects and documents relating to those projects.  The projects can be business improvement, capital projects, rolling out new initiatives, maintenance or compliance, for example, and can be tracked across your whole estate to give you complete visibility of all coordinated activity, costs, resource and supply chain utilisation, with powerful reporting across all. WorkSavi is the most agile solution and is set up by you, for you.

In addition to the management of your estate, the platform can also help you keep track of all activities, enabling you to set reminders and notifications for important events, such as lease expiries, break reviews, compliance inspections and against the delivery of key milestones across all your projects. 

System notifications for your leases and break reviews allow good time for negotiations to take place to support the best deal for your property. Maybe you wish to take the break option to ‘cut your loss’, or take up a better opportunity.  Some breaks have a bonus attached, usually equating to a rent-free period. If the bonus is not triggered by the tenant in good time, it is lost. Conventional methods of managing this through Excel can be costly, missing the bonus, lease expiry or break reviews can potentially cost the business hundreds of thousands of pounds, if not millions.

Get started quickly with simple system integration 

We know that you’re busy. We know how much time and effort goes into managing your estate and property projects, especially when you’re working across several systems and spreadsheets, but we will make it easy, stress-free and as straightforward as possible for you. 

Our project management platform integrates easily with third-party systems such as P6, Microsoft Office, Projects, ASTA, Oracle, OPC and Excel, which means we can transfer your data to the WorkSavi system quickly and easily. 

We can also support with onboarding so your team can get started straight away and feel confident transferring to a new system. 

You will also have access to an account manager who will support you and help you get to grips with features that will make your job infinitely easier and your stakeholders happy! 

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Get total peace of mind knowing that your estate is running the way you want it to with WorkSavi. 

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The all-in-one project management tool

The easiest way to stay compliant, manage important assets and track projects across multiple estates. With simple-to-use functionality that easily integrates into your business, it’s the perfect solution for corporations and estate management professionals.

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