Portfolio trackers to track all activity across your property portfolio

Improve project visibility and transparency across every business function with tracker functionality that allows you to track activity across your property portfolio. 

Our smart and initiative trackers have unique functionality that enables the system to learn from your past projects and predict delivery for future projects, so it will help you spot emerging trends and identify potential issues before they become a problem. 

Transform the way you work with profile trackers 

The benefits of our Portfolio trackers mean you can: 

  • Get up-to-date progress and status for all projects in your portfolio
  • See how much progress has been made across all projects in a single view 
  • Check delivery against estimated completion dates to keep projects on track 
  • Monitor scheduling conflicts and potential delays 
  • Highlight delays that need attention 
  • Monitor and track spend against forecasting to avoid scope creep
  • Applied process learning from each project that is delivered

See how our Portfolio trackers work 

Interested in seeing our trackers in action? You can book a free demo with a member of our team and even try our platform free for 30 days

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The all-in-one project management tool

The easiest way to stay compliant, manage important assets and track projects across multiple estates. With simple-to-use functionality that easily integrates into your business, it’s the perfect solution for corporations and estate management professionals.

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