Project management for global property portfolios

WorkSavi is designed to help businesses manage multiple projects across global property portfolios. 

Our Project and Portfolio plans offer a number of innovative and intuitive features that can help you plan, manage and deliver your projects efficiently. But, if your requirements are more complex, we can also custom-build a project management solution bespoke for your business as part of our Enterprise package. 

What makes WorkSavi unique is the flexibility we provide our clients – making WorkSavi the most agile, all-in-one project management tool on the market. 


Benefits of using WorkSavi

Our unique tracker functionality can transform the way you work forever. Over time, our tracker will learn from you and highlight potential issues quickly, spot emerging trends and identify new opportunities to streamline your performance.

Increase visibility and transparency Gain insights into all projects across your property portfolios and business functions to ensure you’re fully coordinated, committing to the projects providing the greatest benefits and then all working to the same schedule. 

Avoid costly impacts and scope creepQuickly identify potential issues and spot emerging trends as you work to empower your team to problem-solve proactively. 

Enhance deliveryYou can enhance project predictability to improve planning and resource allocation, streamline delivery and forecast more accurately to deliver at the optimum pace for maximum efficiency.

If you have specific requirements, why not book a free, no-obligation demo? We can take you through the features and help you work out which project would be most suited to your specific business needs. 

How we helped WHSmith manage their global estate…